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The Native Slang Dictionary


Here you'll learn all about the slang used by the Native-Americans in Northern Minnesota.  This page was inspired by the movie Smoke Signals....err what den?

Well let's get started shall we?

Maybe the most important word in the native slang dictionary is PAYMENT.

Payment (noun) - A payment of monies that is given to an indian USUALLY on the day of, or after, his or her 18th birthday. Similar to the white mans payment, cept more native.

Squaybe (verb) - The act of getting so drunk you can't remember if you were ar Jambi's party or the pow-wow.

Stiff (adj.) - Similar to Squaybe, but this usually happens when its just a few friends and a case.

Errrrrrrrrrr (Adj.) - 1. A word that is used to discribe someone or something that is disgusting.
2. A word that is used to discribe something that is obsurd.
Also see - ICK (Adj)

Ace (adj.) - Ace is the equivilant of the white mans' 'cool'.

Yous Guys (pl. noun) - Used to direct a question towards 2 or more people.  I.E. "YOUS GUYS want some more frybread?"

Frybread (noun) - An indian culinary delight. Dough that is made, fried in crisco, and devoured.

Squawdog (noun) - A hot dog embedded in frybread.

ICK (adj.) - A word that is used to display disgust.

HOWAH (many uses) -
1. A word that is used by an awestricken native, may be heard several times at a pow-wow, after payment, or when a bargain is found i.e. "HOWAH, you's guys should go down to betty's house, shes selling frybread for a doller, i think thats really crazy."
2. A word used to inspire youngters when they have done something 'ace'.
I.E. "HOWAH jerry, that sand-castle you made is really ace."
3. An expression used when a native is suddenly frightened.
I.E. "HOWAH, you really scared the shit out of me."

Get (adj.) - Used to describe something that is not in fashion, outdated, or just not ace enough. I.E. Jimmy's payment car is pretty GET.

Cri  \Ka - reye\ (a noise) -
1. It's a noise made when a native american hears something that they are appauled by.
2. If a story that is supposed to be funny is told, and it really isn't all that funny, this would be a normal response.

Ingyeh \ing-gaw\ or \ing-yeah\(another noise) - A noise made by one native when another native says something out of context, or just goes overboard.

Note: Aye, or Nay could possibly subsitiute here.

Sav \like salve\ (noun) - 1. A person who must, by nature, do everything as ghetto as possible.2. a person who eats too damn much too damn fast I.E. "Fuck, that SAV james came and ate all the frybread before i even got to the birthday party."

3. A person who shows up on your couch and lives with you, with no job.

Den (i haven't a clue) - Simliar to the white mans' 'then', but is mostly used at the end of a sentance.  I.E. "Well, if we can't get any nuggets, what do you guys have DEN?"

Crazy (Adj.) - Can be used to discribe a person, place, or event.
I.E. "Jimbi's parties are really crazy." or "Cri, that looked really crazy!"

Gaga (noun) - Native-Americans use this to scare their kids into doings things that they are supposed to do, and keep them from doing things they shouldn't.  Similar to the white 'boogeyman'.  I.E. "J.R. don't go down there or the gaga will get you."

The Rez (noun) - This phrase refers to a native american reservation.

Rezzy (Adj.) - Used to discribe something that is defective, or just plain ol' broke-ass.  "Not only is Jimmy's payment car GET, it's also REZZY."

Rez Bomb (noun) - A broke-ass car owned by a native, for either purpose.
1.To get to the store or a freinds house.
2.To make it to the next biggest town.
Note: Watch Smoke Signals to get a good idea of a REZ BOMB, you'll know it when you see it

Ty-yah and Goodnuff (no clue) - Used by another when someone inflicts an injury upon oneself due to an act of stupidity.  I.E. "Hey Grandma, i cut my leg when i was jumping off the slide.", Grandma says "Goodnuff" or "Ty-yah"

Hikes (no clue) -
1.This word is usually used when someone who has missed out on something, just realised it.  I.E. "Jeez, i really missed out at Jambi's party eh?" reply "Yeah you did, HIKES."
2. Also used when you don't get what you paid for in town, but are already back on THE REZ. "I didn't even get the book with my game, HIKES."

Jeeeeeez (no clue) - Used when expressing annoyence or displeasure with another native.  I.E. "JEEEEEEZ, why did u melt my barbie? CRIIIII."

f'realz \fo-reelz\ (pro.) - a shortend version of 'for real?' usually asked in moments of disbeleive.

Mann - Used liked jeez, except you should direct it to the person at fault.

Old Man/Lady (noun) - A term of endearment for native couples.  Example: "I can finally go and party cuz my OLD MAN/LADY went to the cities this weekend."

Snagging (verb) - The action of riding around in your REZ BOMB looking for a new OLD LADY/MAN, cuz the other one left your SAVY ass.

Shacked up (verb) - To be living with, concurrent with OLD MAN/LADY.

Ojibwe wedding ring (noun) - A big red mark on your neck to show that you have an old lady/man.

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